Sundress- Bigfoot Poster

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OK Sweetheart SXSW Poster

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OK Sweetheart 35 Denton Poster

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Lately I’ve been totally obsessed with old 1950’s Sci Fi cover art. This is the first of what will be a series of pulp sci-fi art for Sundress. It’s good to have inspiration again.

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The Hope Trust, Fortune Fields, Soviet, and Jerry Fuentes @ Club Dada

I’ve always loved aztec art, especially their version of the Phoenix. I’ve tried to get designs like this to work in the past, but they never did. For some reason this one just came together. I’ll blame it on my recent trips to Oklahoma.

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First Annual Stella Fest

I usually try to avoid using cliché images, but with a festival like Stella Fest, a skull just made sense. 

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Hand drawn design I did for The Hope Trust. Pretty simply/fun design.

I need to do more black and white designs.

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If you live anywhere in the DFW area then hopefully you are aware of the alt-country-gone-rock n’ roll band The Hope Trust ( They’ve been gigging around the area ever since I moved up to Denton back in 2006. Actually, they were one of the first local bands I got into, so when they approached me to do the artwork for their second full length, titled “Light Can’t Escape”, I was ecstatic.

Going into the project I knew it was going to be hard to narrow down the artwork to a certain style or concept because there were so many different ways I could go with such a fun album title. I’ve found this to be the challenge with most design jobs. When you think about, it’s kind of a great problem to have! I knew I wanted to keep the design relatively simple, yet still manage to achieve a certain level of energy and expressiveness. Eventually I landed on the design you see above.

This is also one of the first times my design has looked BETTER printed out on paper then it does on a computer screen, so if you live in Denton pick yourself up a copy at Recycled Books, or catch the band live and get it directly from them. Not just because of the freaking fantastic artwork, but because this really is one of the catchiest albums you’ll hear all year. Locally or nationally.

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The Kinship Fair Benefit Concert is a concert put on by Greater Denton County Young Lawyers Association and CASA of Denton in order to help raise funds for The Kinship Fair. The Kinship Fair helps place abused or neglected children into homes of their extended family. All in all it’s a great cause and I was honored to design the above poster for the event.

I came into this project at a totalyl different angle than I’m used to with other posters. Because the poster is for an event that actually has a good message behind it, I wanted the poster to convey the same sort of message. At the same time, because this is a Denton based organization, I wanted to put a sort of small-town-Texas-flair to it. Plus, I’ve always been a fan of old victorian architecture (Like so many houses found on Oak St. right here in Denton) I jumped at the chance to add an old victorian home into the design.

The event takes place at Dan’s Silverleaf on April 1st and features RTB2, The Hope Trust, Western Giants, and Beerman. Hope to see ya there!

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Poster for the Western Giants/Sam Robertson Winter Tour. I’m still obsessed with trying to make the most simplistic poster design, yet somehow keep it interesting at the same time. This is my newest attempt at that.

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Flyer for the Frontier Ruckus/Western Giants show later this month. Not a whole lot to say about it conceptually. I’ve always wanted to make a cool “arts and crafts” cut paper kind of flyer. This will probably be as close as I get to that, without actually using cut paper.

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This was my first venture into the art of food label design. Unlike other freelance stuff I’ve done in the past, I had certain permitters and a certain style I had to stay within. I mean, how do you successfully portray a level of professionalism when dealing with a rock band’s own brand of party food? I of course looked around at different salsa labels, but most of them were terribly designed and uninspired. I was however able establish my color palette from these labels.

I realized I needed to think of some other brand of food that has the same sort of connotations, yet also looked very clean and professional for my design inspiration. I looked no further than Shiner Beers. When you think about it, Shiner is perfect. It’s beer so it has the sort of carefree, party attitude I needed. It also has a great, clean yet professional, design. I had my color palette. I had my inspiration. I was ready to design.

I like to think that if Shiner ever starting making salsa, it would look something like this.

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